Anglo-Dutch employs a cohesive team of highly skilled professionals having worked along the Upper Gulf Coast and throughout the Mid-Continent and Permian Basin. Our geoscientists have been involved in a number of major discoveries and know how to identify commercially attractive exploration prospects. Our petroleum engineers are experienced in evaluating and acquiring low-risk long production life oil and gas reserves, and are experienced in designing and implementing field wide production plans.

 Scott Van Dyke President

Scott Van Dyke

Mr. Van Dyke started in the industry as a crude oil buyer for Coastal States Trading, Inc. for the Rocky Mountains. He then joined his family’s oil company, Van Dyke Energy Company, and became Vice President and Manager of New Ventures. During his term at Van Dyke, the company had a successful exploration program in The Netherlands’ North Sea, and participated in putting into production The Netherlands’ two largest offshore oil fields (being the Rijn Field with 20,000 barrels per day of initial production, and the Horizon Field - the first North Sea field to be developed exclusively with horizontal wells). In 1989, Mr. Van Dyke formed Anglo-Dutch Petroleum International, Inc., which throughout the 1990’s develop the Tenge Field in Kazakhstan and led a bid group of national oil companies for other oil and gas properties in Kazakhstan. In 2001, Mr. Van Dyke formed Anglo-Dutch Energy LLC to explore and acquire oil and gas in the United States. Mr. Van Dyke has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce (1980) from Washington & Lee University, and a Bachelors Degree in Geology (1983) from the University of Northern Colorado.

 Harry McMahon Vice President of Exploration & New Ventures

Harry McMahon
Vice President of Exploration & New Ventures

Mr. McMahon started his career with Range Oil Company, Inc. and later joined Berexco, Inc. as a geologist generating prospects and supervising drilling operations. While at Berexco, the company grew to become the largest oil producer in the state of Kansas. In 1997, Mr. McMahon joined TransTexas Gas Corporation as Acquisitions Manager with responsibilities for both domestic and international ventures. While at TransTexas, the company experienced 100% success in prospects acquired under Mr. McMahon’s management. Mr. McMahon has a Bachelors Degree in Geology (1980) from the University of Kansas, and a Masters in Business Administration (1995) from Wichita State University.

 Donald H. Turner Geology

Donald H. Turner

Mr. Turner worked for the first 10 years of his career for Unocal. Following Unocal, Mr. Turner has worked as the Upper Gulf Coast Exploration Manager of Florida Gas Exploration and then in the same position for Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Corporation. Mr. Turner has also worked for Apache Corporation, El Paso Energy, Claymore Oil & Gas LP, and McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC. During most of his career, Mr. Turner has generated prospects along the Upper Gulf Coasts of Texas and Louisiana. He has made basin analyses and/or developed prospects in Poland, North Africa, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. While at Kerr-McGee, Mr. Turner moved into international exploration where he did the initial geology that led to the discovery of the CFD 11-1 and CFD 11-2 fields in Bohai Bay, China. These two fields produce between 40,000 to 45,000 barrels of oil per day from 33 wells. While at McMoRan, Mr. Turner recommended 10 onshore prospects in Louisiana, 7 of which have discovered over 300 billion cubic feet of ultimately recoverable gas and are still in production. Mr. Turner has a Bachelors Degree in Geology (1970), and a Masters Degree in Geology (1972), both from the University of Wisconsin.

 Rick Schmid Geophysics

Rick Schmid

Mr. Schmid has consulted, generated prospects, screened projects, and directed the exploration staffs for a number of companies, including McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC, Claymore Oil & Gas LP, Meridian USA, Seitel, Kilroy Company. Mr. Schmid was Manager of Geotrace’s Denver office, and was Exploration Manager for Texas Independent Exploration. As the Vice President of Geophysical Technology for DDD Energy, a division of Seitel, Inc., Mr. Schmid recommended drilling 278 wells which resulted in a 72% commercial success rate. Mr. Schmid interpreted 3D seismic on 2,500 blocks in the Gulf of Mexico for McMoRan which resulted in the discovery of a number of large prospects. Mr. Schmid has extensive experience along the Upper Gulf Coast and throughout the United States which includes stratigraphic plays, amplitude plays, and complex structural plays onshore and offshore, both shallow and deep. Mr. Schmid has a Bachelors Degree in Geophysical Engineering (1972) from Colorado School of Mines.

 Tommy Chatfield Engineer

Tommy Chatfield

Mr. Chatfield joined Anglo-Dutch in early 2018, and supervises reservoir management, drilling and workover operations, installation of production facilities and pipelines; daily field operations and gauging, and State and Federal regulatory compliance. Mr. Chatfield started his career with Chevron as a production engineer designing and implementing workovers for rod pumped and plunger lifted wells in the Permian Basin.
Later, Mr. Chatfield joined Denbury Resources and was a facilities and operations engineer responsible for optimizing the production for about 150 wells in the Upper Gulf Coast.  At Denbury, Mr. Chatfield applied unconventional stimulation techniques and optimized surface facilities and improved the performance of flowing wells, hydraulically lifted, gas lifted and plunger lifted wells. After Denbury, Mr. Chatfield worked for the U.S. Bureau of Safety of Environmental Enforcement in New Orleans as a petroleum and reservoir engineer.  At the U.S. BSEE, Mr. Chatfield did extensive reservoir engineering on U.S. Gulf of Mexico fields to evaluate field's EURs, gas cap blowdown scenarios, downhole commingling, and to ensure reservoirs were depleted prudently. After working for the U.S. BSEE, Mr. Chatfield was operations engineer for PO&G Resources and was responsible for recommending and executing artificial lift enhancements, water flood optimization, recompletions and new drilling in the Mid-Continent. Mr. Chatfield obtained two Bachelor's Degrees in 2008 from the University of Texas in Austin: A B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, and a B.S. Geosystems Engineering & Hydrogeology.

 Fran Barber-Buchanan Accounting

Fran Barber-Buchanan

Ms. Barber-Buchanan has been in accounting for over 50 years. Prior to joining the Anglo-Dutch companies in 1996, Ms. Barber-Buchanan was responsible for all financial reporting to Ferretti of America, Inc., a company that builds and installs furnaces. Earlier in her career, Ms. Barber-Buchanan was the corporate secretary and controller for the U.S. subsidiaries of the Italian steel mills Ilva SPA and Dalmine SPA, where she was the first woman in the mills’ history to be a corporate officer. At Anglo-Dutch, Ms. Barber-Buchanan is responsible for financial reporting, joint interest billings, tax, accounts payable, and administrating employee benefits. Ms. Barber-Buchanan is a graduate of Massey Commercial College (1964).